"Fourth Of July Parade is song written for the Rankin/Bass special Rudolph's Shiny New Year. The song is the connection to the centennial of the formation of the United States of America, mainly around or during Independence Day/Fourth of July.


There's a happy celebration,
in each town across the nation,
at the Fourth of July Parade
All the grown-ups and the kiddys,
in the towns and the cities,
love the Fourth of July Parade

With the drums a rap tapping,
and the fire crackers snapping,
'cause these flags are all displayed
Oh it's grand just to be
inside a land that is free
and see the Fourth of July Parade

Join the crowds on Independence Day,
for the birthday of the USA,
and take a picnic on your way.
Soon you'll hear the bells,
as they begin to play,
to mark along the very happy holiday


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