"Gekko Saves Christmas" is the first Christmas episode of PJ Masks, eOne/Frog Box's CGI-animated developed-for-television show based on the book series, produced and aired as the first segment of the fifthteenth episode of its first season.


It's Christmas Eve in the daytime as it begins when Connor, Amaya and Greg are ice skating at the ice rink, but Greg tries to learn how to ice skate with them until they notice all the Christmas decorations are missing as at Christmas Eve night, the PJ Masks find that Luna Girl is stealing everyone's Christmas presents from the chimneys for herself with her Luna Magnet. Gekko must learn how to ride Luna Girl's Luna Board and save Christmas. After they defeated Luna Girl, she is upset that she didn't have a Christmas alone, so they had to bring the presents back and the decorations back onto the tree.



Voice actor Character
Jacob Ewaniuk Connor / Catboy
Addison Holley Amaya / Owlette
Kyle Harrison Breitkopf Greg / Gekko
Brianna Daguanno Luna Girl


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