"Gift Wrapped" is the fifth Christmas episode of the FOX drama Beverly Hills, 90210, produced and aired as the thirteenth episode of its seventh season.


David seeks his father's help in winning over Felice. Mel and Jackie invite David, Donna, and her parents over for dinner. Felice makes snide remarks about the pre-prom incident from four years earlier, the fact that Jackie and Mel are not married, and David's mental problems. A furious Donna refuses to come to her parents' house for Christmas. Felice apologizes to David and asks him to arrange a truce. Kelly's father fails to shows for dinner, but a young woman arrives in his place. She stuns Kelly by revealing that she is her half sister, Joy Taylor. Kelly is angry to learn that her mother hid the truth, and she and Joy become friends as they compare notes about their absentee father. Chancellor Arnold immediately hits it off with Samantha at his Christmas party, making Steve and Clare uncomfortable. The gang picks names from a hat to decide who will exchange gifts. Brandon and Tracy struggle with their gift selections, as neither wants to send the wrong message. While shopping for Kelly's present, Valerie gets some help from a kindly woman collecting donations at the mall. She and Kelly wind up exchanging identical journals.


Jason PriestleyBrandon Walsh
Jennie GarthKelly Taylor
Ian ZieringSteve Sanders
Brian GreenDavid Silver
Tori SpellingDonna Martin
Tiffani-Amber ThiessenValerie Malone
Joe TataNat Bussichio
Kathleen RobertsonClare Arnold
Jill NovickTracy Gaylian
Clarence Fountain and
The Blind Boys of Alabama
Ann GillespieJackie Taylor
Matthew LauranceMel Silver
Nicholas PryorChancelor Milton Arnold
Christina BelfordSamantha Sanders
Michael DurrellDr. John Martin
Katherine CannonFelice Martin
Julie ParrishJoan Diamond-Bussichio
Ruth LivierJoy Taylor
Pat BrownSalvation Army Soldier
Francisco VianaMaitre'd
Laura Payne-GabrielSales Girl

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