Good Cheer (titled on TV prints as Happy Holiday) is the first of two Christmas episodes in what would become The Little Rascals TV series. Story by Hal Roach and directed by Robert MacGowan.


It's Christmas Eve in a poverty stricken neighborhood, possibly the infamous Dead End Street in New York City. Two of the older kids are visited by the spirit of Santa Claus who inspired them to get out there and earn the money they need to buy Christmas presents for the other kids. They hit on the idea of selling bricks to keep people's feet warm, and collect enough money to celebrate Christmas in style. Mickey and Johnny together dress up as Santa to present the other members of the gang with their presents. In addition, they capture a gang of bootleggers in the area who are dressed as Santa with the aid of the police and collect their booty to give to the awestruck gang.



Mary's brother
Hal Roach's Rascals
Jack Ackroyd
Jack Gavin
Al Gallery
Wallace Howe
Jules Mendel
William Orlamond
Crooked Santas
Chet BrandenburgPedestrian
Crooked Santa
Ed BrandenburgStore window assistant
Richard DanielsDad
Charlie HallMotorist
Crooked Santa
Jack HillPedestrian
Sam LufkinInebriated Santa Claus
Gene Morgan
Noah Young
First officer
Martin WolfkeilStore window Santa
Noah YoungSecond officer


So far, the original score to this short film from 1926 is lost, but the Christmas music may have been added by the person who donated the short to the Internet Archive.

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