"Good Deeds are Good Indeed" is a song sung by Cricket and Tilly in the Big City Greens episode "Green Christmas". The song is sung over a montage of Tilly and Cricket helping out everyone they meet, though Cricket makes it pretty obvious that he's only doing this so he can get on Santa's nice list.


I used to think that helping folks was just a waste of time.
Goofing off and playing jokes was really more my line.
But now I see there's value in making life more pleasant...
The best reward for virtue is a big fat Santa present!

If it's presents that you want, then it's presents that you need.
Just start being helpful at a high rate of speed.
It's the surest way to satisfy your holiday greed.
Yes, good deeds are good indeed!

Tilly: When you massage her creaky joints...
Cricket: You're really racking up the points!
Tilly: When you see litter throw it out...
Cricket: And you'll be on that Santa route!
Tilly: Feed a mangy dog and pet it...
Cricket: You'll build up that Santa credit!
Tilly: Lend a cold fellow a sweater...

Bet my gifts will get much better!
Help this loser change a tire,
Watch my pile of gifts grow higher!
Help advert a big disaster,
Get an awesome foam-dart blaster
When there’s cold and hungry people out there,
You can help feed
Or when someone takes a tumble and is starting to bleed.
It’s a golden opportunity for loot – guaranteed
Yes, good deeds are good indeed!
When December rolls around you should all follow my lead.
When you gotta prove to Santa that you’re not a bad seed!
Yes, good deeds are good indeed!
Good deeds are good indeed!

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