The "Grantchester Christmas Special" is a 90-minute edition of the ITV period crime series Grantchester.


A groom fails to turn up for his wedding and is found dead at home following a break-in. The groom's bride, a striptease artist, her club boss and the groom's son are suspected of murder. The discovery of 2 wedding rings stuffed in the victim's throat alludes to another suspect Geordie knows he believes killed nine years earlier in the same way. Amanda's attempt at reconciliation with her father fails and she ends up homeless. Found by Leonard as she is about to give birth, he takes her to the vicarage. The baby, Grace, born on Christmas Eve presents Sidney with the dilemma of another man's baby that Geordie equates with Joseph and Mary from the Bible.


  • James Norton as Reverend Sidney Chambers
  • Robson Green as Detective Geordie Keating
  • Tessa Peake-Jones as Mrs Maguire
  • Morven Christie as Amanda
  • Al Weaver as Leonard
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