"Grumpy Kids" is one of the original songs featured in the first VeggieTales Christmas special The Toy that Saved Christmas.


In the storage room full of Buzz-Saw Louies in Mr. Nezzeler's Toy Factory on the night before Christmas Eve, one Buzz-Saw Louie is singing about how the commercial for the toy became grumpy for the kids and wants more on the true meaning of Christmas on that toy. The second half is set to the melody of "Can't Believe it's Christmas".

The 1996 original version has the music starting when Grandpa George's flashbacking narration is almost done for now. The 1998 reanimated version has the music beginning when Louie starts singing.


Buzz-Saw Louie: Grumpy kids,
greedy dreams
This is not
what Christmas is

I'm just a toy,
I don't claim to be a genius
But there must be
more to Christmas

[Long pause]

There must be
more to Christmas
I think we're really
missing something

Must be more
to Christmas...

[Short pause]

But what?

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