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Happy Christmas, Miss King (also known as An Avonlea Christmas) is a CBC TV movie/reunion special based on the network's drama Road to Avonlea.


This film takes place two years after the final episode of Road to Avonlea, "So Dear to My Heart". Felix, who has been fighting in World War I, has been listed as missing in action. Janet's reaction to the possibility of having lost a son alienates her from the rest of the family. Meanwhile, Hetty tries to get a famous elocutionist to perform for the school choir's Christmas performance. While in Charlottetown trying to persuade him, she collapses. A doctor tells her that a tumor has been found on her spine, and a biopsy is performed.


Actor/actress Character(s)
Jackie Burroughs Hetty King
Lally Cadeau Janet King
Mag Ruffman Olivia Dale
Cedric Smith Alec King
Zachary Bennett Felix King
Patricia Hamilton Rachel Lynde
Gema Zamprogna Felicity Pike
Molly Atkinson Cecily King
Ryan Cooley Daniel King
Kay Tremblay Great Aunt Eliza
Asa Perlman Monty Dale
Kay Hawtrey Mabel Sloane
John Weir Gurney MacDonald
Patricia Vanstone Ada Hubble
Lauren Collins Libby Hubble
Alexa Gilmour Hanna Lester
Ferne Downey Margaret Powell
Maja Ardal Clara Potts
Maggie Huculak Maud Maguire
Graham Losee Edgar Dean
Benjamin Weatherspoon Duffy Dean
James Downing Alden Dean
Nola Augustson Marley Dean
Marc Marut Elbert Werts
Jef Mallory Canadian Colonel
Charles Boyland Rodney
Farm Hand
Stephanie Graham Shop Girl
Diana Belshaw Farm Wife
Dan Chameroy Wilfred Ainsley
Chris Benson Stagehand
Dawn Greenhalgh Matron
Taylor Phillips Alice
Adam Bramble Lt. Governor
Zach Ansley Arthur Pettibone
R.D. Reid Dr. Paige
Rudy Smith-Merovitz Plaintive Girl
Archive footage
R. H. Thomson Jasper Dale
David Ferry Stuart MacRae
Michael Mahonen Gus Pike
Cody Jones Duffy Dean
Sarah Polley Sara Stanley
Marilyn Lightstone Muriel Pettibone
Heather Brown Izzy Pettibone

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