Princess Crystal (wearing a tiara): Happy Hatchday, Lucinda.
Princess Lucinda: (to Crystal's tiara) Your tiara is crooked.
Crowd: Happy Hatchday!
Eugene: Here they are. The Hatchday girls.

— Before the song begins.

"Happy Hatchday to You" (or simply "Happy Hatchday") is the short song featured in 2004's In Search of SANTA. It is used every year on the hatchday, especially on the twin Penguin Princesses (Crystal and Lucinda)' hatchday on December 23rd. This song contains elememts of the traditional song "Happy Birthday to You", originally written by Mildred J. & Patty S. Hill. It is performed by Kathleen Barr, Gerry Chalk, Scott McNeil, Dale Wilson, Nicole Bouma, Tabitha St. Germain, Lee Tockar, Jason Michas and Cathy Weseluck, with speaking parts by Barr, McNeil, Hilary & Haylie Duff, Bouma, St. Germain and Michael.


Every penguin in Royal Rookery Rock, including King Calvin, Queen Penelope, Crystal's friend Eugene, Lucinda's friend Phillip and The Terribly Deep Thinkers, gather around the entrance to the palace as the crowd awaiting the arrival of princesses Crystal (Wearing a tiara, representing her "Future Queen") and Lucinda. When they arrive, they said "Happy hatchday!" and the band performs this song, sung to everyone, but the princesses. Afterwards, Lucy slaps Crystal's tiara, causing her to trumble down the steps and destroy the towering cake that splatters to some penguins.



[The band plays a very short, warm-up fanfare, then they perform the song as the chefs and every other penguin crowd present the towering cake.]
Crowd: Happy hatch-day to you
Happy hatch-day to you
You're looking real swell
Since you shattered your shell
Happy h-aaaa-atch-d-aaaa-ay to yo-oooo-ou
Wing Maiden #5: Happy hatchday!
[While the princesses is walking down the steps. Lucinda pushes Crystal's tiara on her head, covering her eyes as the crowd gasps. Crystal had trouble walking with her eyes covered.]
Lucy: (soft snickers) Have a nice trip.
[Crystal trumbles down the steps, as the chefs is balancing the cake. She jumps off the steps as the crowd gasps more, while Eugene covers his glasses. She destroyed the cake as it splatters around the crowd, including the Terribly Deep Thinkers. The crowd cleans up what Crystal has destroyed.]
Lady Agonyisa: We are not amused.
Mortmottimes: (Tastes chocolate frosting from the left side of his cloak) Chocolate. My favorite.
[The melody of the last part of the song is heard when it fades to black for the rest of the day.]


[That night in Crystal's room in the Palace, Penelope puts Crystal into her bed.]
Crystal: Sorry for ruining the party.
Penelope: Oh, nonsense.
Crystal: Another reason for Lucinda to hate me.
Penelope: "hate" you?
Crystal: For beating out of her egg… by seven silly seconds.
[brief sigh] Can't we just give her the crown?
Penelope: Aww, the crown isn't something one gives away, my love.
Crystal: But it means more to her.
Penelope: Ooh, you have a good head and a generous heart. You'll make a fine queen.
[Penelope kisses Crystal in her head and leaves her room.]
Crystal [sighs exhaustedly before fading to black for the rest of the night.]

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