hardock - coco, and joe: THE THREE LITTLE DWARFS is a three-minute Christmas short film. It is one of the firsy known films to use the stop-motion puppetry called AniMagic, which is later trademarked by Rankin/Bass.

It is a song about Santa Claus and his three favorite helpers and the events of the Christmas Eve ride. In the song it says Hardrock is the driver of the sleigh, Coco reads maps that show them the way, and though Santa has no need for Joe, he takes him 'cause he loves him so. A famous irony in the show is that Joe, the smallest elf, speaks in a deep bass tone.

This special has aired annually on WGN-TV since the mid 1950s. It was considered a lost Christmas classic due to it only being seen by some viewers in the midwest until WGN went to a "SuperStation" satellite feed in the 1980s. The special is traditionally shown along with Suzy Snowflake and Frosty the Snowman (produced by UPA, and not to be confused with Rankin/Bass' version).

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