"Have a Happy New Year" is a song featured in Rudolph's Shiny New Year. It is first heard when Rudolph first arrives at Father Time's castle, and then briefly reprised right after Father Time sings "The Moving Finger Writes". Later, he sings it at the end of the special as its closing song. The third verse works in the opening lyrics from Robert Burns' poem "Auld Lang Syne", which is traditionally sung on New Year's Eve.


Have a Happy, have a Happy,
Have a Hap-Hap-Happy New Year!
As the bells ring out, everyone will shout,
"Happy New Year!"

Have a Happy, have a Happy--!
May each day be filled with good cheer
And with nothing less than much happiness
All through the year!

Should old acquaintance be forgot
In the days of auld lang syne?
Then take a cup of kindness,
And you will always feel just fine.

Have a Happy, have a Happy--!
Never have a worry or fear!
Here's my wish to you; hope my wish comes true,
"Happy New Year!"

Have a Happy, Happy New Year!

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