"Here Comes Heximas!" is the Christmas-themed episode of Saban's Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, produced and aired as the sixteenth episode of its duration.


The episode begins at the dinosaur museum, where all the non-extinct dinosaurs are wearing Santa hats. Shelby was going over something when she breaks apart a fight between Chase and Riley while they were decorating the Christmas tree. The three notice there are presents with the names on them. They open them to find coal. The coal has some magical effect on them. The theme song plays.

Tyler finds presents for himself and Kendall. He takes them down to the base and asks Kendall if she has seen the others. Just then, a portal appears and Koda, Sir Ivan, and Keeper come out of it. After that, Tyler opens his present to also find coal in it. He then turns into a naughty elf. After the others tie him up, Keeper tells Koda to remind Tyler of all the good times as it may be the only way to turn him back to normal, so he does so. Tyler becomes normal again. Santa Claus then makes a call to the Rangers, saying all his coal has been stolen. He gives the Rangers the location of the rest of the coal. Before they leave, Keeper gives the Rangers their Energems.

At the location, they see that Shelby, Chase, and Riley have also been transformed into naughty elves. They are confused as to why there also Vivix there, as they should have been destroyed when Sledge's ship flew into the sun. They also witness the monster Heximas. When Chase and Riley are in a truck, the others ambush them and take them back to base.

Sir Ivan reminds Chase who he is and Kendall does the same to Riley. The two become back to normal and are happily surprised that the others were there as well. But Riley remembers that Heximas plans on flying over the world and delivering the enchanted coal to kids. Greece and Japan were fine, but they had to stop the rest. When the Rangers leave, Keeper contacts James, Prince Philip, and Zenowing for help.

The Rangers make it and Heximas as he is about to take off. He then explains that when Sledge's Ship was flying into the sun, he went into an escape pod. For the next millions of years, he has planned this whole event. The Rangers morph and fight the Vivix while Tyler helps Shelby. Shelby goes back to normal and Tyler gives her Energem. The rest of the Rangers also appear. They manage to defeat Heximas, but he too has his own Magna Beam. He grows himself, but the rangers defeat him using the Dino Charge Ultrazord, Ptera Charge Megazord: Ankylo Formation, and Plesio Charge Megazord: Pachy Formation.

Back at the museum, the Rangers are singing a Christmas song when Santa shows up. Tyler gets excited but he falls from the ladder he was on while decorating the tree and launches pies on everyone. Santa comments that Tyler is lucky because the coal is still stolen. The episode ends with everyone getting a present.


The episode was made available on the Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: The Complete Season DVD set, released by Lionsgate on June 27, 2017.


Actor/actress Character
Brennan Mejia Tyler/Red Dino Charge Ranger
Camille Hyde Shelby/Pink Dino Charge Ranger
Yoshi Sudarso Koda/Blue Dino Charge Ranger
Michael Taber Riley/Green Dino Charge Ranger
Brenan Davies Chase/Black Dino Charge Ranger
Davi Santos Ivan/Gold Dino Charge Ranger
Claire Blackwelder Kendall/Purple Dino Charge Ranger
Ryan Carter (credit) Heckyl
Reuben Turner James Navarro/Aqua Ranger
Jarred Blakiston Prince Phillip/Graphite Ranger
Eve Gordon Keeper
John Sumner Santa Claus
Richard Simpson Keeper
Andrew Laing Heximas
Alistair Browning (voice) Zenowing/Silver Ranger
Campbell Cooley (voice) Mecha Voice
Estevez Gillespie (voice [uncredited]) Wrench

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