Chowder visits "Knish Kringle".

Hey, Hey It's Knishmas! is a special half-hour Christmas episode of the Cartoon Network original series Chowder. It premiered on said network on December 4, 2008.


Chowder is worried that he might not get the gift he has his heart set on getting: An Electric Broccoli Trimmer with Detachable Non-Electric Cauliflower Trimmer for Knishmas. Meanwhile, Mung buys a schmingerbread house from Endive, due to the fact he is unable to make one, and not wanting to break Chowder's heart at not getting a gift from Knish Krinkle, swallows his pride with asking Endive, making her believe he finally admits that she is the better chef. Chowder sees Mung buy the schmingerbread house.

As a result, he is worried and wants to trick Mung into thinking his schmingerbread house was better. Chowder, Panini,and Gorgonzola dress up as Knish Krinkle. However, the real Knish Krinkle comes and Chowder has to race to the schmingerbread house first in order to make Mung Daal happy. All the noise wakes Truffles up, and she orders Mung to see what's going on. Mung is shocked at what he sees and asks Chowder why he ate the house.

He explains to Mung that he couldn't let Mung feel awful and let his pride be destroyed and saying how Knishmas wasn't about the getting, it was about the giving. Chowder ends up giving Gorgonzola a sweater, which causes him to cry tears of joy, Chowder's present to Panini is a kiss to which her head blows away and fireworks appeared. Due to Chowder's generosity, Knish Krinkle gives Chowder what he wanted as a gift from him: An Electric Broccoli Trimmer with Detachable Non-Electric Cauliflower Trimmer.


  • In one viewing of this episode, part of the theme song was cut off and it didn't show the episode's title.
  • Chowder asking Gorgonzola to "shine your light tonight" is an obvious reference to a line from the song "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".


Ice Skating
Voice actor Character
Nicky Jones Chowder
Dwight Schultz Mung Daal
Man Chowder
John DiMaggio Schnitzel
Tara Strong Truffles
Dana Snyder Gazpacho
Liliana Mumy Panini
Mindy Sterling Endive
Will Shadley Gorgonzola
C.H. Greenblatt Kiwi
Knish Krinkle
Tone Loc Chestnut
Ron Perlman Arbor
Phil LaMarr Roquefort

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