"Hey Vern, It's Holidays!" (or Holidays!, for short) is the Christmas episode of the short-lived Saturday Morning CBS series Hey Vern, It's Ernest, produced and aired as the tenth episode of its duration. It aired while the holiday feature Ernest Saves Christmas was still in its theatrical run.


To set a mark recognized by the Guinness World Records, Ernest decides that he will be the first person ever to celebrate every major holiday of the year in the span of just one day.


Bruce ArntsonExisto
Mike the Clown
Mac BennettGeorge's Roommate
Daniel ButlerEarl the Barber
Ernest's Tongue
Bill BrygeBobby
Debi DerryberrySkeeter
Denice HicksMrs. Clown
Gailard SartainChuck
Lonnie Don
Jim VarneyErnest P. Worrell
Auntie Nelda
Sergeant Glory
Baby Ernest
Jackie WelchMrs. Simon Simmons

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