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Hitched for the Holidays is a Hallmark Channel original movie, produced by Hitching Road Productions and Front Street Pictures, that premiered on November 25, 2012, as part of the channel's fourth annual Countdown to Christmas event. It was directed by Michael M. Scott, who was nominated for the 2013 Leo for Best TV Movie Director, and edited by Lisa Binkley, who was nominated for a 2013 CCE award for Best TV Movie Editor.


When commitmentphobe Rob Marino breaks up with his girlfriend before Thanksgiving, he is criticized by his big Italian family about his inability to keep a relationship through the holidays. Wanting to prove them wrong and fulfill his dying grandmother's wish to see him happy in love, Rob goes online and finds Julie, another single New Yorker whose meddling Jewish mom, has driven her to seek a temporary boyfriend. Rob and Julie agree to pose as a couple through the holidays to get their families off their backs. But things get complicated when Rob's Catholic clan and Julie's Jewish family get involved. With Christmas coming and Hanukkah around the corner, they double their efforts to keep the charade going, only to discover their fake feelings may be a little too real.


The movie will be released on DVD on July 11, 2023.


Actor(s)/actress Character(s)
Joey Lawrence Rob
Emily Hampshire Julie
Linda Darlow Evie
Marilu Henner Maxine
Serge Houde Butch
L. Harvey Gold Mel
Paula Shaw Theresa
Christopher Gauthier Stevie
Christina Sicoli Maria
Lisa Durupt Molly
Kevin O'Grady Huck
Rob Labelle Sam
Colin Lawrence Patrick
Alison Wandzura Laura
Richard Keats Bradshaw
Tony Ali
Arthur Corber
Joe Costa
Cameon Cronin Jeffrey
Tobias Slezak Horse cop #1
David Milchard Pete
Simon Chin Window dresser
Mark Mcconchie Congregant
Reg Tupper Doctor
Clay St. Thomas Radio DJ
Marina DeVeiteo (uncredited) Gym/Bar patron
Barry Ostash (uncredited) Party guest

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