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Ho Ho Ho is a 2009 Romanian Christmas film, directed by Jesus del Cerro. It is the first Romanian comedy film about Christmas.


Horaţiu is an 8-year-old boy who still believes in Santa. As a Christmas gift, his mother takes him to the mall to buy him a gift. What might otherwise have been a normal day becomes an adventure when Horatiu gets lost. He meets Ion, a thief disguised as Santa who is there to steal a diamond for Vandame and his gang of fake Santas. Out of character for Santa Claus, Ion is rude and doesn’t seem to like kids. However, the boy believes he is the real Santa and decides to stay with him despite Ion's attempts to abandon the boy. As the day goes on, the two enter a series of dangerous yet funny misadventures. By the end of the day they become great friends, both learning something from each other. Because it is Christmas and miracles do happen, everyone gets their wish.


Actor Character
Ștefan Bănică Jr Ion
Bogdan Iancu Horațiu
Pavel Bartoș Marin
Alina Chivulescu Carmen
Valentin Teodosiu Vandame
Costin Gabriel Calistrat
Daniel Popescu Sămânță
Iulia Lazăr Gora
Ion Sapdaru Mecanic #1
Alex Mărgineanu Mecanic #2

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