Hocus Pocus is a white rabbit featured in the Rankin/Bass Christmas television special Frosty the Snowman. He is the rabbit formerly used in Professor Hinkle's magic act, but their relationship is shown to be a rather adversarial one, as Hocus refuses to come out of Hinkle's magic hat when told to do so, ruining Hinkle's performance and his reputation. After it is discovered that the hat can bring Frosty to life, Hocus escapes with the hat, swapping it for a wreath, and brings it back to Frosty.

He, along with Karen, then accompanies Frosty on his journey to the North Pole. Along the way, Frosty warns that while he and Hocus can survive in the back country, Karen cannot, and they need to get her back to civilization. Hocus, in pantomime, suggests that Frosty call the Marines and the President, both of which Frosty declines on, before they come to an agreement by recruiting the help of Santa Claus, though Frosty takes credit for it, to Hocus' annoyance.

While Frosty takes care of Karen, Hocus waits for Santa. When he arrives, Hocus explains everything to him, and they return to where Hocus last saw Frosty and Karen. Following Frosty's tracks from there to a greenhouse that Hinkle had trapped him in, Hocus and Santa enter to find, to their shock, Frosty melted and a heartbroken Karen crying over his demise. After Santa restores Frosty to his inanimate snowman form via a cold December wind, Hocus arrives with the magic hat to revive him, only to seek Karen for protection when Hinkle appears to demand his hat back once more. After Santa convinces Hinkle to repent and write his apologies repeatedly to receive a gift of forgiveness on Christmas morning, Hocus remains with Santa and Karen to celebrate Frosty's revival.

In the end credits, Hocus is seen at the side of a redeemed Hinkle as he marches alongside Frosty and his friends, which implies he and the magician have reconciled and Hocus serves as the rabbit in Hinkle's magic tricks again.

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