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"Holiday Heave Ho" is a Christmas-themed episode of the Xilam animated television series, Space Goofs.


Christmas Eve. Santa Claus and his faithful helper are on their Festive run, about to drop presents off for the House’s five occupants. But what do the Monsters know about Santa Claus? All they see is a great red threat blocking their chimney. And they’ll do what they can to get rid of it. Santa’s stubborn, and despite a madcap succession of gags and booby-traps, he will not budge until they finally kick him out for good - but he did what he came to do…


  • The Red Blob, which Bud is watching and saying, "Nothing can stop it!", along with Stereo saying, "It certainly seems to be indestructible.", was parodied from the 1958 horror film, The Blob.
  • Santa Claus was voiced by Maurice LaMarche, who actually played Etno Polino and Bradley the Elf was voiced by Charlie Adler, who actually played Candy Caramella.
  • Santa Claus actually makes a brief video game appearance from Stupid Invaders.
  • At the end of this episode, Bradley looks up a list of three lucky little friends that was mentioned from the two known serial killers, including Lizzie Borden and Young Jack Ripper, plus Little Frankie Stein, who was possibly known as a female character and a protagonist, plus the Daughter of Frankenstein from Mattel's Monster High.

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