"Holiday Heist" is the Christmas-themed episode of Piggy Tales: 4th Street, produced and aired on the official Rovio YouTube channel as the second episode of its duration.


Santa Claus Pig starts putting presents around a Christmas Tree, but Thief Pig steals them. Santa Pig sees no presents and starts putting presents around the tree again and Thief Pig steals them. But, that time he noticed it and got angry at Thief Pig, he tries to run but Santa Pig pulls the thief bag full of presents and it hit their faces.

Santa Pig gets angry at Thief Pig and demands him to give the presents back, Thief Pig rejects it and Santa Pig gets angrier but this time he had an idea. He got a naughty list and was ready to write Thief Pig's name in it, he gets scared and says to Santa Pig to do not make it, Santa Pig goes away with the present bag. Thief pig gets the naughty list and draws an angel pig and stamps thief Pig symbols on the names but presents boxes falls above him.

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