Holiday Road Trip is a made-for-television film starring Ashley Scott, Patrick Muldoon, George Hamilton, and Shelley Long. It premiered on Ion Television on December 1, 2013.


Co-workers at a high-profile pet supply store in Washington, D.C., Pat (Patrick Muldoon) and Maya (Ashley Scott) couldn't be more opposite. Maya works in accounting, she’s a driven, ambitious businesswoman looking to turn her job into a great career.  He’s in the design department and basically plays for a living, which is a perfect job for the little kid who never really grew up. She wears Manolos, and he wears Velcro.

When Maya's obscenely successful boyfriend Davis (Kip Pardue) leaves her right before Christmas, she begrudgingly decides to volunteer an RV tour along with Pat and the star of the company, Scoots (Uggie the dog, "The Artist"). At first, the road trip is a match made in hec. However, the whole idea is the brain child of the company founder Max (George Hamilton), who is Pat's father.

Once on the road, opposites are put to the test. Pat eats nothing but junk food, but she wants to be healthy. He listens to hard rock, while she prefers jazz. He drives 95 while she coasts at a leisurely 55. She thinks he is an uneducated man-child while he thinks she’s a self-absorbed snob. However, fate has a funny way of intervening. All the while, Davis, who feels he made a terrible mistake breaking up with Maya, is one step behind.


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