Holiday in Your Heart is a 1997 drama, based on a story written by LeAnn Rimes and Tom Carter. This made-for-television movie co-stars Bernadette Peters as a country singer. The movie aired on ABC on December 14, 1997.


The story is told as part realistic, part fable. A young country singer, LeAnn Rimes, playing herself, prepares to make her debut at the Grand Ole Opry at Christmas. However, her beloved grandmother is hospitalized and LeAnn is faced with a difficult decision. While trying to reconcile her new-found stardom with her family obligations she meets Faith Shawn (Bernadette Peters), a once-famous country singer. Faith decides to mentor LeAnn, showing her the history of country music.

Faith relates a poignant family story to LeAnn. In a flash-back, Faith and her band are seen stuck on a bus in a snow-storm. Faith, a diabetic, is given insulin by a stranger, who dies overnight. He is later revealed to be her father, who she had not spoken to in many years. Faith and her husband Carl erect a monument to that fateful event. Faith's subtle message is about the importance of family.

As she is finally about to sing at the Grand Ole Opry, LeAnn tells her parents about meeting Faith, and she discovers that Faith and Carl died in an accident after getting struck by Lightning.

Faith and LeAnn sing a duet, "Crazy", and Rimes also sings "One Way Ticket", and "Blue." "On the Side of Angels" is sung by Peters and others during the snow-storm.


  • LeAnn Rimes as Herself
  • Bernadette Peters as Faith Shawn
  • Rebecca Schull as Grandma Teeden
  • Vernon Grote as Avery
  • Carol Farabee as Audrey
  • Harlan Jordan as Grandpa Luther
  • Charles Homet as Guitar Player
  • Rance Howard as Blind Man
  • Cherami Leigh as Young LeAnn Rimes
  • Elizabeth Perry as Screaming Fan
  • Mark Walters as Carl
  • Rodger Boyce as Burly Man
  • Megan Cole as Young Faith
  • John William Galt as Santa
  • Gil Glascow as Bus Driver
  • Alana Grace as Young Child
  • Tommy G. Kendrick as Jason
  • Curtis Randall as Larry
  • Kellie Rasberry as Tutor
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