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Noche ¿de Paz? (released in English as Holy Night! and Christmas Night!) is a 2011 Spanish CGI 3D Christmas movie.


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Christmas Eve. Two Toy worlds live together in the living-room of a house. Two traditions confronted. On one side, the Christmas Tree, home of Santa Claus and his elves. On the other, the Nativity Scene with the Three Wise Men and the rest of its inhabitants.

When everyone is ready to celebrate a quiet Christmas the alarm goes off: Somebody has stolen the sledge with Santa Claus' presents and Baby Jesus has been kidnapped! Christmas is in danger and both worlds blame each other. Follow our heroes, Sam and Sarah, in an incredible and enjoyable adventure to discover the real offender, learn from their differences and save the most magical night of the year.


English Language Version
Voice actress/actor Character(s).
Harriet Charmichael Rita
Woman with Pitcher
Jules De Jong Sarah
Trevor White Sam
Tom Clarke-Hill Blacksmith
Elf Boy
Misfit Blacksmith
Laurence Bouvard Wen
Bill Roberts Santa Claus
Kerry Shale Melchoir
Dwarf Chicken
Misfit Farmer
Peter Marinker Caspar
Big Woodcutter
Peter Brooke Tom
Small Woodcutter
Becca Steward Elf Girl
Stephan Frank Herod
Fabrice Ziolkowski Joseph
Paul Thornley Ox
Lizz Ross Mule
Eric Meyers Angel
Misfit Angel
Martin T. Sherman Pooper
Misfit Popper
Stephane Cornicard Baker
Jo Wyatt Farmer Woman
Isabel Vallejo Pinin Washerwoman
Jot Davies Crutch Leg
Misfit Baker
Sam McQuaid Oscar
Denica Fairman Oscar's Mother

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