"Home For Christmas" is the second Christmas episode of the ABC sitcom Benson, aired in the show's sixth season.


Overwhelmed by his responsibilities as lieutenant governor and as the centerpiece of his family's lives at the Governor's Mansion, Benson suffers a car accident and is hospitalized with his worried mansion family in attendance. Having a dream/vision of his late mother, an exhausted Benson tells her he would like nothing better than to stay where she is now, thinking the others no longer really need him.

Benson's mother's spirit then shows him what the lives of his family at the mansion would become were he to pass on at this point in time. Sarcastic as ever, he comments to his mother how much this resembles an old movie he saw with Jimmy Stewart before she shushes him.

Ten years on during Christmas Eve, the governor's political enemies have long since forced the well-meaning but befuddled man from office. His daughter, Katie, is a dissolute young woman with no ambitions or aims, scared of life. Kraus is now once again in the kitchen staff and frequently drunk since only Benson believed in her. The worst comes when Clayton arrives, now the corrupt and despicable governor, having even run on Benson's memory to trounce his old boss. The memory of Benson raises them all up somewhat, but before they depart that other world, Benson's mother uses her angelic powers to clean up the dingy mansion and make the lost souls think of better times behind and ahead.

Before Benson returns to the life and family that really need him, he thanks his mother for aiding him in his moment of crisis, just as she always did in life.

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