Home for the Holidays is a 2005 Lifetime original movie, starring Sean Young and Perry King, that is originally premiered on December 15, 2005.


Martha McCarthy takes in her niece & two nephews when their parents die. A kindly social worker, Paige Holloway, goes out of the way to help her out, but her boss believes Martha is unsuited to raise them and recommends that the children be sent into foster care. Martha is desperate to avoid losing the only family she has left and does everything in her power to provide a suitable home for the children. As Christmas approaches, her dreams seem to crumbling around her, but the return of an old love, Jack Cooper, and Paige's efforts bring hope to her plight.


Actor/actress Character
Sean Young Martha McCarthy
Lucia Walters Paige Holloway
Perry King Jack Cooper
John Novak Sheriff Bob Cutter
Paula Shaw Miss Carol Parker
Joelle Antonissen Amy McMurrin
Madison Loos Sam McMurrin
Joey Roche Michael McMurrin
Avery Raskin Jonathon Covington
Reg Tupper Roger Jenkins
Rob Morton Ned Johnson
Heather Christie Waitress
Charisse Baker Adrienne Lange
Mary Black Lois Krem
Paul Anderson Workman #1
Damon Johnson Flower Delivery Man
Sophia Shaw Startled Girl

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