"Homecoming" is the second of the two Christmas-themed episodes of Cedar Cove, Hallmark Channel's developed-for-television drama, produced and aired as the first season finale (the thirteenth and final episode). It is the second half of the series' Christmas arc that is based on Debbie Macomber's 2008 novel "A Cedar Cove Christmas".


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Following Jack's permanent return to Cedar Cove and his and Olivia's reconciliation, they have another more immediate issue with which to deal, namely the discovery that Eric is the father of Shelly's unborn baby. Not knowing where Eric is, Jack, who now sees Eric's initial visit to Cedar Cove in a different light, can only leave him messages hoping that he will return to support Shelly in her time of need. Justine and Seth's work in opening their planned seafood store/restaurant is affected by Justine's discussion with the FBI agent, who is investigating Warren's shady dealings. Despite the agent asking her not to speak to anyone else about their discussion, Justine confides in Seth, but decides how best to deal with Warren on her own. Whatever happens, Justine and Seth stand to lose everything if Warren is arrested. After Grace has taken riding lessons with Cliff in an effort to get closer to him, they embark on their first official date, for which Grace tries to go with the flow as the evening progresses. Maryellen manages to track down John in Seattle, he who seems determined to keep running from his past and her, despite admitting his feelings for her. And Bob reevaluates his mission to win the Christmas Decorating Award based on information from judge Charlotte.


Andie MacDowellOlivia Lockhart
Dylan NealJack Griffith
Teryl RotheryGrace Sherman
Sarah SmythJustine Lockhart
Paula ShawCharlotte Jeffers
Brennan ElliottWarren Saget
Corey SevierSeth Gunderson
Bruce BoxleitnerBob Beldon
Barbara NivenPeggy Beldon
Timothy WebberMoon
Tom StevensEric Griffith
Elyse LevesqueMaryellen Sherman
Charlie CarrickJohn Bowman
Sebastian SpenceCliff Harting
Garry ChalkSheriff Troy Davis
Alessandro JulianiFBI Agent #1
Hayley SalesShelly
Yoshie BancroftNurse
Adrian HolmesMike

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