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"Hope" is a song originally written for the 1972 Hanna-Barbera television special A Christmas Story. When Goober considers giving up on trying to bring Timmy's letter to Santa Claus, Gumdrop tells him that they cannot give up, at which point the song starts playing.

Hope song in Flintstone Christmas

Hanna-Barbera reused the song five years later in A Flintstone Christmas. This time, the song accompanies Wilma Flintstone telling Pebbles to have faith that Santa (whom Fred is playing the role of) will arrive at the Christmas party they're attending.

Hope song in Yogi's 1st Christmas

Yogi's First Christmas We Gotta Have Hope Boomerang Official

The song was used again in Yogi's First Christmas. This time, the song is sung by Boo Boo Bear as he has a dream about Christmas. Boo Boo's version of the song also appears in the Hanna-Barbera's Christmas Sing-A-Long video and its adjacent album.


Hope is waking Christmas dawn
Knowing Santa's been and gone
Hope can make a wish come true
Maybe fill your stocking too

Hope is knowing what will be
Underneath a Christmas tree
Hope is when your laughter rings
Hope is sharing things

Hope brings cheer
And Santa's sleigh bells ringing
Hope can hear
The voice of angels singing

Hope is like a dream you make
It's a dream when you're awake
Everyone needs hope because
Hope believe in Santa Claus