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"How Many More Minutes Until Christmas?" is the Christmas episode of the BBC animated series Charlie and Lola. It is notably the show's first half-hour special.


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The episode starts Charlie talking to the viewers about his sister, Lola, while she was getting excited about Christmas coming. They then look at an advert, and she opens the first one.

Later at school, Lola and her classmates make Christmas decorations for the school. Lola tells Lotta that they've opened their advert calendars today. Lotta did the same thing like her, and an elf was behind her door. Arnold Wolf asks what an elf was, and Evie tells him that they were Santa's little helpers. They open all the letters and wrap all of the presents. Lola says she liked opening letters. A girl says that she had Santa's actual sleigh. Arnold had a horse with twigs on his head.

The next four days, Charlie and Lola open doors, and Lola finds out that the 5th door had a horse with twigs on his head, but it was actually a reindeer. She then realizes that he didn't look very well, but he was just snoozing, getting ready for his big journey with Santa when they opened all of the doors.

Later, Charlie and Lola make Christmas cards for their friends.


Voice actor/actress Character(s)
Daniel Mayers Charlie
Clementine Cowell Lola
Morgan Gayle Lotta
Ryan Harris Marv
Stanley Street Soren Lorenson
Eoin O'Sulivan Arnold Wolf
Katie Hedges Mini Readers
Lara Mayers Evie
Macauley Keeper Morten
Thale Krohn-Pettersen
Nicolai Berg
Bettina Berg

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