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DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming is a TV special produced by DreamWorks Animation. It is the second Christmas special for the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, following 2011's Gift of the Night Fury. It premiered simultaneously on DVD and on NBC Primetime (on that night at 8:30 ET/PT) on December 3, 2019. It was directed by Tim Johnson and written by Jonathan Groff & Jon Pollack, who previously worked together on Kung Fu Panda Holiday.[1] The special won the 2020 Annie Award for Best Special Production.



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Taking place during the ending of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, a decade after the events of the movie's plot and before the emotional epilogue, the special opens with Hiccup and Toothless sharing stories of their special relationship with their respective families as they prepare for the Snoggletog Festival. When it becomes clear that the new generation of Vikings doesn’t remember the bond between dragon and human, Hiccup makes a plan to celebrate dragons with a grand holiday pageant. This heartwarming idea leads to a series of hilarious and exciting events, but no matter the circumstance, everyone in New Berk – young and old alike – is reminded that dragons and humans are forever bonded.


As the same time as the special's DVD debut, Back Lot Music released an album containing the special's original score, which was composed by Anthony Willis, who had also composed additional music for the second and third movies (composed by John Powell).

# Track title Length
1 "A Smoggletog Prologue"/"Zephyr & the Book of Dragons" 2:32
2 "Memories and the Hidden World" 1:45
3 "Tales at Stoick's Statue" 1:48
4 "Parental Duet"/"NightLight Adventure" 1:16
5 "Pageant Dragons & Viking Traps" 1:53
6 "Casting Hiccup, Casting… Gobber" 2:17
7 "NightLight Stage Heist" 1:25
8 "The Pageant"/"A Fugal Fire" 5:13
9 "Zephyr Enchanted" 2:17
10 "Smoggletog Eve" 1:22
11 "Dragons Homecoming Suite" 3:10


The cover to the DVD release.

Both the DVD and Digital releases included special bonus features, including an inside look at the animation test featuring the baby dragons known as Night Lights.


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Voice actor/actress Character
Jay Baruchel Hiccup Haddock
Gerard Butler Stoick the Vast
Craig Ferguson Gobber the Belch
America Ferrera Astrid Hofferson
Christopher Mintz-Plasse Fishlegs Ingerman




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