"I'll Be Home for Christmas" is the first Christmas episode of the CBS sitcom Designing Women, originally produced and aired as the twelvth episode of its second season. It is written by show creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, and directed by her son Harry.


Charlene and Anthony scheme to outsmart Mary Jo's disbelieving son on Christmas Eve until their hired Santa beats them to it by swiping the Sugarbakers' Christmas gifts.


All uncredited


Delta BurkeSuzanne Sugarbaker
Dixie CarterJulia Sugarbaker
Annie PottsMary Jo Shively
Jean SmartCharlene Frazier Stillfield
Meshach TaylorAnthony Bouvier
George NewbernPayne
Priscilla WeemsClaudia Shively
Brian LandoQuinton Shively
John ApicellaSanta Claus

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