"I'll Be Home for Christmas" is the first Christmas episode of the ABC romantic-drama Thirtysomething, produced and aired as the ninth episode of its first season.


Hope and Michael argue over whether to have a Christmas tree or a menorah, while a famous photographer takes an interest in Melissa.


Timothy BusfieldElliot Weston
Polly DraperEllyn Warren
Mel HarrisHope Murdoch Steadman
Peter HortonGary Shepherd
Melanie MayronMelissa Steadman (adult)
Danielle RiouxMelissa Steadman (young)
Ken OlinMichael Steadman (adult)
Jay LamepbertMichael Steadman (young)
Patricia WettigNancy Krieger Weston
Paul SandAndy Aronson
Brittany & Lacey CravenJaney
Frank DiElsiTree Salesman
Dinah LenneySarah
Luke RossiEthan Weston
Jordana 'Bink' ShapiroBrittany Weston
Stephanie ShroyerAerobics Instructor
Maura SodenShelly


The episode was made available on the Thirtysomething: The Complete First Season DVD set, released by Shout Factory (under license from MGM) on August 25, 2009.

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