I'm Not Ready for Christmas (originally titled The Truth About Christmas) is a Hallmark Channel original movie, distributed worldwide by Starz, that premiered on November 14, 2015, as part of their sixth annual Countdown to Christmas event.


Holly lives in a world where lying has become common place for her. However, she finds after telling a few too many fibs and disappointing those around her that her life's about to change. Holly's niece, Anna, asks Santa to make Holly incapable of telling a lie as her Christmas wish. What follows is a tale of how telling the truth changes Holly's life in ways she could never have anticipated before.


Alicia WittHolly Nolan
George StultsDrew Vincent
Brigid BrannaghRose Geller
Mia BagleyAnna Geller
Dan LauriaSanta
Maxwell CaulfieldGreydon DuPois
Eli BaldwinDamon Brouhard
Derrick Dean, Chiao-It Hui,
Malinda Money
Team members
Terance GoodmanMan
Zack PhiferTed Angle
Walter PlatzBerkeley O'Connell
Ashley SantosJordan Jones
Palmer ScottJames Brouhard
Joseph SkousenValet
Anne SwardWoman
Cathy TidwellFashion show patron
Annette WrightOlder woman
Spencer Barber (uncredited)Attendee
John Forker (uncredited)
Joseph Park (uncredited)
Fashion show attendees
Mike Hardy (uncredited)Gary
John Lund (uncredited)Male model
Joshua McLerran (uncredited)Bar Patron
Michael McQuain (uncredited)
Marilyn Miller (uncredited)
Office workers

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