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"I Always Get Emotional at Christmas Time" is the villain song from An All Dogs Christmas Carol. It is sung by Carface's sidekick Killer about how he enjoys celebrating Christmas and Belladonna about how she enjoys making Christmas miserable, while Sasha (as The Ghost of Christmas Present) shows Carface what is happening to someone other than him in the present. It is reprised by Carface himself when Timmy's family is shown to be understanding and they do not eject him from unintentionally breaking a china plate of cookies.



Killer:: I always get emotional at Christmas time
That heavenly time of year.
Whether I'm home with friends
Or out there bustin' heads,
I'm blinkin' back a sad or happy tear.

On February, I start seein' red & green
Brass knuckles tied up in bows
It's like a herd of tiny reindeer
Is prancin' 'round my heart
And I become the me that nobody knows.

I laugh. I cry.
I totally lose my cool
Oh, me! Oh, my!
I'm a Yuletide fool!

[Chorus #1]
This eggnog is so creamy (Mmm)
It oughta be a crime
I always get emotional
at Christmas time

Tell old Saint Nicky
I'm feelin' awful icky
About the really naughty stuff I did (I'm so ashamed!)

After a beatin'
I'll find myself repeatin'
"Say 'Hi' to the wife and kid..."

Don't forget.

Belladonna: I always get emotional at Christmas time
Undoing so much good cheer
Whether I'm poisoning punch
Or setting dolls on fire
I try to fill the world with grief and fear

What fun to send each family a big surprise
As gruesome as it can be
I might invest the boughs of holly
With bugs from outer space
Or slide the local toy store into the sea


[Chorus #2]
To give the gift of chaos
What thrill is more sublime?
I always get emotional
at Christmas time.

Killer: This year I'm taking
More time to do my baking.
You're always short and bonkin',
ain't it true? (Whoa!)

Carefully choosing (Whoa!)
My card gets so confusing.
I like the cats with Santa hats.
Don't you?

Both: [Pre-Chorus]

[Finale Chorus]
KIller: When fruitcake goes on sale
I'm spending every dime
Belladonna: It's time to pass out candy
canes I've dipped in slime

Both: So call me sentimental
It's a fact that I'm...
Killer: A fool for trees with flocking
Belladonna: En route to steal your stocking
Both: I always get emotional
at Christmas time!


Carface: [Pre-Chorus from the original version]

The look's so doggone cozy
It oughta be a crime
I always get emotional
at Christmas time