"I Could Be Santa Claus" is a song featured in the Rankin/Bass Christmas special, The Year Without A Santa Claus. It is sung by Mrs. Claus as she considers filling in for her bed-ridden husband.

In later years, part of the song was cut from CBS and ABC Family's broadcasts of the special.


Who would know the difference
If Santa Claus was me
Yes, who would know the difference
Just Santa Claus and me!
Anyone can be Santa
Why can't a lady like me?
I admit I'm under fed
But with a pillow from the bed
I could be Santa Claus
Oh, anyone can play Santa
I've fantasized it a lot
With his hat upon my head
And his suit of Christmas red
I could be Santa Claus
And with his "ho ho ho"
I'd be going down the chimneys with his sack
And although my curls may be showing
I'll make sure they only see me from the back
Yes, anyone can be Santa
A tantalizing remark
Though his boots are not my size
With a twinkle in my eyes
I could be Santa Claus
With his reindeer and his sleigh
I'd be up, up and away
Yes, I could be Santa
I could be Santa
I could be Santa Claus