I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus is a 2002 film based on the classic holiday song of the same name. Its tagline was "Christmas is coming, and Santa's a dirty rat." It first aired December 9, 2001, on the PAX Network (later known as i, and currently known as Ion Television) where it aired until 2007. As of 2011, it is shown in the 25 Days of Christmas programming block on ABC Family.


Justin Carver (Cole and Dylan Sprouse) is an eight-year-old boy who thinks he sees his mother kissing Santa Claus. However, "Santa" is actually his father. Overhearing his parents, Stephanie (Connie Sellecca) and David Carver (Corbin Bernsen), having a heated argument, young Justin retreats to his bedroom. A few minutes later, he peeks downstairs, only to see Stephanie locked in a warm, romantic embrace with none other than "Santa Claus". Fueled by his best friend Bobby's worries over his recently separated parents, Justin jumps to the conclusion that his mother is having an affair with Santa. So, he decides to behave as badly as possible in an attempt to prevent Santa from coming to his house on Christmas Eve night lest he make off with his mother. The resulting hijinks include him setting traps and throwing snowballs at a street Santa.

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