Santa and Mrs

Santa and Mrs. Claus - I See Rainbows When I Look At You

"I See Rainbows" is a song featured in the Rankin/Bass movie Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July. It is sung by Santa Claus when he and Mrs. Claus are trapped in the storm that Winterbolt created.

Like "Chicken Today And Feathers Tomorrow", it was often cut from the ABC Family/Freeform broadcasts, but was reinstated in 2018 for the movie's airings on AMC's Best Christmas Ever block.


I see rainbows
when I look at you
And the rain goes as
the sun comes through

All things wonderful
are what you are
You shine brighter than
the brightest star

I see roses blooming
in the snow
Roses growing everywhere
you go

I see rainbows
when I look at you
Rain or shine I'll be
part of your life

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