"I Want to Be Good" is an Christmas-themed episode of the animated show Little Princess, produced and aired as the twelvth episode of its second series.


It's Christmas Eve, but the Little Princess is on the naughty step. When the narrator asks what she did, she replied that she wasn't intentionally being naughty but she made messes by accident, which the adults interpreted as naughty.

When she is allowed to leave, she decides to try and be good for Christmas, so she doesn't throw snowballs even though she wants to.

The adults decorate a Christmas tree very intricately, and the Princess likes the tree very much, so she decides to sneak down to "say goodnight to it" but knocks it over.

The next day is Christmas and the Princess is on the naughty step again, but she doesn't mind because the naughty step is right next to the Christmas tree.

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