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"I Wish Every Day Could Be Christmas" is a song sung by Timmy Turner and Cosmo and Wanda in the first Fairly OddParents Christmas special, "Christmas Every Day!", and later reprised by Timmy as "I Wished Every Day Could Be Christmas" at the end of the episode when he realizes his mistake. The first performance of the song is also featured on the album Nick Holiday, labeled on the album with the shortened title "Christmas Everyday".

The song was nominated for the 2002 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music and Lyrics. However, it lost to "You've Got a Lot to See" from the Family Guy episode "Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows".

The song's instrumental reappeared as background music in A Fairly Odd Christmas, during the scene where the adult Timmy suits up to fill in for Santa Claus.


Original version[]

Timmy: Christmas Day is here once more...
Wanda: Gifts and love and joy galore...
Cosmo: A special day that wipes the floor...
All: With the other 364!

Timmy: I wish every day could be Christmas
'Cause Santa brings gifts every year
He's reading my list, he's feedin' the deer,
He's haulin' my gifts from the North Pole to here!

I wish every day could be Christmas,
'Cause every other holiday REEKS!!
New Year's Eve's for Mom and Dad,
The Easter Bunny's eggs smell REALLY BAD!
And Valentine's Day always makes me sad...
Dad: 'Cause Timmy just can't get a girlfriend.
Timmy: WHAT?!

Cosmo and Wanda: I wish every day could be Christmas
'Cause nice fairies get their rewards
Wanda: I got pudding, I got slacks.
Cosmo: I got all my back hair waxed!
Cosmo and Wanda: Santa grants wishes while we relax...
Cosmo: And Timmy still can't get a girlfriend!

[instrumental interlude]

There's just no other day like Christmas,
My family stays here, it's real cool.
Just me, Mom and Dad,
I'm so very glad
There's no Vicky,
No Vicky,
No school!
Cosmo: And no Vicky!
Timmy: Right!

I wish every day could be Christmas,
Then I'd get the best gift of all:
My parents stay home to say...
Mom and Dad: We love you, Noggy.
Dad: MINE!

Timmy: Wouldn't Christmas each day be the coolest of all?
I wish it were Christmas...
How I wish it were Christmas...
I wish it were Christmas...
Each day.


I wished everyday would be Christmas
Jeepers, how foolish I was
It isn't a gift, and it isn't a toy
It's the family and friends that I really enjoy

I wish that tomorrow weren't Christmas
But I wish that the feeling would stay
'Cause Christmas can always be there in your heart
And never be locked in just one single day!

It's great that tomorrow ain't Christmas
In Dimmsdale and London and Rome
If I had just one wish, I'd think it be this
I really just wanna go home now

I really just wish I were home.

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