I Wish I Could Be Santa Claus is a song from A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa.


I wish I could be Santa Claus, for just one day
I'd fill a bag with kindness, and I'd give it all away
I'd make the world a better place. I'd do that if I could
I love the way it feels inside, shen I do Something good

I wish I could be Santa Claus. Imagine that
Although I could not fill his boots, I'd look great in his hat
I'd love the milk and cookies, and there's one more thing I'd do
I'd try to teach, the kids to be a little more like you

We know that love can bless the heart when tears begin to fall
We know that "love" is the message of the season.
The greatest gift, and yes, One size fits all

I wish we could be Santa Claus. Perhaps we can
The job's about giving. Not the suit and not the man
It's all about the caring, and the part that we can play
Its spreading joy, and peace on earth, and love on Christmas day

I wish I could be Santa Claus

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