The Ice King (real name Simon Petrikov) is the main antagonist of the Cartoon Network original series Adventure Time. He is the ruler of the Ice Kingdom who is often committing misdeeds, primarily kidnapping princesses, but is always foiled by Finn and Jake. His ice-based magic abilities come from a magical crown he wears, which affects him on a mental level. Despite his villainous actions, the Ice King is actually lonely and misunderstood, having a generally benevolent relationship with the penguins (primarily one named Gunter), along with the snow and ice beasts who populate his realm, and is secretly envious of Finn and Jake for being such good friends.


Simon Petrikov before he was mutated by the crown.

In the series' Christmas-themed episode, "Holly Jolly Secrets", much of the Ice King's backstory is revealed on one of several video tapes that he, in his original human form of Simon, had recorded, documenting his descent into madness. His obsession with princesses started because of Betty, a woman who he loved and called his princess. It is also revealed that he bought his crown from an old dock worker in northern Scandinavia, sometime before the Mushroom War. Wearing the crown, Petrikov began to lose both his mind and then his fiancée Betty, deteriorating in both mind and body over the years into his current state. As the years passed, Simon became so far gone that the only thing that he had to say about the videos is that he was embarrassed that he used to wear glasses.

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