"In Your Dreams" is the Christmas-themed episode of Saban's Power Rangers: DinoThunder, produced and aired on ABC Family's JETEX block as the thirty-third episode of its duration.


Elsa plans to hack into The Dino Rangers minds and cease them from waking up. Conner has the Christmas Nightmare where he encounters a creature named Rude-Elf which was caused by him embarrassed that he was going Christmas shopping with his Mom.


James NapierConner McKnight/Red DinoThunder Ranger
Kevin DuhaneyEthan James/Blue DinoThunder Ranger
Emma LahanaKira Ford/Yellow DinoThunder Ranger
Jason David FrankDr. Tommy Oliver/Black DinoThunder Ranger
Jeffrey ParazzoTrent Fernandez
Katrina Devine (credit)Cassidy Cornell
Tom Hern (credit)Devin Del Valle
Miriama SmithElsa
Latham GainesDr. Anton Mercer
Ray Trout (voice)Croco D'Vile
Jonathan Brugh (voice)Rumba Monkey
Tim Faville (voice)Rude Elf
Tony Blackett (voice)Squidrose


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