Ingrid Giraffe is one of the main characters from the Cartoon Network animated series My Gym Partner's a Monkey. She is an artsy, poetic Masai giraffe, with in-depth emotions that she's often afraid to express. She is part of Adam's main friend group. She is so tall, that most of the time when she's on camera, she's only seen from the neck down, unless she hunches over and sticks her head into the frame. Her best friend is Lupe Toucan and has a secret crush on Adam Lyon.

In "Have Yourself a Joyful Little Animas", Ingrid was no exception, when it came to students celebrating Animas. She seemed to have forgotten how Adam was relatively new to Charles Darwin Middle School, so she didn't seem to understand how he didn't share the animal instincts, when it came to celebrating Animas. When Adam announced that he wasn't taking part on Animas, Ingrid joined the school, in crying over the holiday now being ruined and the regular shunning of Adam Lyon began. Windsor helped Adam embrace his inner animal, by roaring at the top of his lungs. His noise blew Ingrid back and made her head explode, only for her to instantly grow a new one in a comical manner. When Adam returned, claiming to have found the Animas spirit, Ingrid squealed in excitement, when Adam proved it, by claiming to smell the odor of an unflushed toilet. This could have only meant he gained his Animas instincts and could now smell the so-called Animas Rock.

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