"Insanity Claus" is the Christmas episode of NBC/Hanna-Barbera's produced Pink Panther show Pink Panther and Sons, based on the character from the theatrical shorts upon the films of Blake Edwards, produced as the sixteenth episode.


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A person dressed as Santa Claus ends up breaking into Pinky and Panky's house, and only Panky believes it to be the real Santa, and after having the person sent to jail, the gang find out he was right. It was the real Santa Claus getting a jump on Christmas that year.

Voice cast

  • Bob Arbogast
  • Billy Bowles as Pinky
  • Hamilton Camp
  • Rick Cimino
  • Peter Cullen
  • Rick Dees
  • Barry Dennen
  • Marshall Efron as Howl
  • Paul Eiding
  • Jeannie Elias as Anney O'Gizmo, Liona
  • Paul Ely
  • Phillip Hartman
  • Erv Immerman
  • Ralph James
  • Tommy Lasorda
  • Allan Lurie
  • Sherry Lynn as Chatta
  • Shane McCob as Murfel
  • Sonny Melendrez as Buckethead
  • Don Messick
  • Cliff Norton
  • Roger Rose
  • Neil Ross
  • Michael Rye
  • William Schallert
  • Andre Stojka
  • Michael Villani
  • B.J. Ward as Panky, Punkin
  • Frank Welker as Rocko, Finko, Prehistoric Cat, Truck Driver
  • William Windom

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