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"Is There Anyone?" is a love ballad from the 1993 animated musical film David Copperfield. It is performed by Sheena Easton and Julian Lennon, who play Agnes Wickfield and David Copperfield, who began to fall in love.


Agnes: Is there anyone?
Anyone to guide me?
Is there anyone
willing to stand beside me?

David: Is there just one heart
I can be a part of?
Is there anyone who
won't turn me away?

Both: Who is waiting to say?
Agnes (David): I want you,
(I want you),
to stay here,
(to stay here)
Forever (and ever)

Agnes: Is there anyone,
who will let me love them?
David: Is my searching done?
Please care anyone Be there!

Agnes: Is there anyone?
David: Is there anyone?
Agnes: Is there anyone?

Both: Is there -
Agnes: anyone?


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