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"It's Christmas Again" is the fourth song from Santa Claus: The Movie. It is sung in the background during the scene taking place near Cornelia's townhouse as we meet her and the homeless boy who will only call himself Joe.


Time tumbles by, there's snow in the sky, 
And here it is, Christmas again! 
Street Santa's shout. The schoolkids are out. 
There's no doubt, it's Christmas again! 
And life is fine... 
The shop windows shine, 
And children stay up 'til 10. 
May all your years be filled with good cheer, 
Until it is Christmas again... 

(Instrumental pause) 

Carolers sing, cathedral bells ring--- 
They're welcoming Christmas again. 
And hopes are high. The New Year is nigh, 
And I start remembering then 
Old friends and new---especially you. 
And truly, it's Christmas again!

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