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"It's Our Favorite Time of the Year", also known as "It's My Favorite Time of the Year" is a song featured in the Hanna-Barbera Christmas productions A Flintstone Christmas and Yogi's First Christmas. In the former, it is sung by Fred Flintstone on his way home from the quarry after he agrees to play Santa Claus at the Christmas party. In the latter film, the song is sung by an offscreen chorus as Yogi and Boo Boo are returned to their cave.


It's my (our) favorite time of the year
It's that magical time of good cheer
I guess part of the reason's
The heart of the season
Of Christmas is practically here.

Every shop window up and down the boulevard
Has the look of a big expensive Christmas card
There's a train load of trees at the railroad yard
And one of these soon will be mine (ours)

Every roof wears a blanket of snow
Every face wears holiday glow
All the world is revealing
That mistletoe feeling
That tells us Christmas is here
It's my (our) favorite time of the year

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