It Nearly Wasn't Christmas is a 1989 made-for-TV movie.


The movie stars Charles Durning as Santa Claus, who decides to skip Christmas, feeling that there is no one left who really needs him. Then he meets a runaway girl named Jenny, who just wants her parents to get back together. She left her mother to go see her father for Christmas, and he accompanies her to ensure that she gets there safely. Mrs. Claus has sent an overgrown elf, Philpot, to keep an eye on Santa, and soon the two are mistakenly sought after by Jenny's mother and the police as kidnappers.



Actor Character
Charles Durning Santa Claus
Risa Schiffman Jenny Baxter
Annette Marin Laura Baxter
Wayne Osmond Jeff Baxter
Bruce Vilanch Philpot
Ted Lange Napoleon
Beverly Rowland Mrs. Claus

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