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J.T. is a CBS special that was originally aired on their Saturday morning children's anthology program. It received so much acclaim that it was re-aired the following week during prime-time. It won a 1970 Peabody Award.


J. T. Gamble, a shy, withdrawn Harlem youngster, shows compassion and responsibility when he takes on the care of an old, one-eyed, badly injured alley cat days before Christmas and secretly nurses it back to health.


Actor/actress Character
Jeannette Du Bois Rodeen Gamble
Theresa Merritt Mama Meley
Kevin Hooks J.T. Gamble
Michael Gorrin Mr. Rosen
Olga Fabian Mrs. Rosen
Holland Taylor Mrs. Arnold
Robert Brown Boomer
David Ayala Claymore
Helen Martin Mrs. Hill
Andrew Monzon Boy with Glasses
Alma Hubbard Lady in Grocery Store

Version differences

At the start of the special, the camera is in a car driving through the ghetto, the radio is playing music, depending on what version:

  • It is playing very funky music (the kind that J.T. listens to throughout the special; music performed by Frank Lewin).
  • It plays The Byrds' 1965 hit song "Turn! Turn! Turn!.

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