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I will always hear you.

— Jack Frost's last line as a human

Jack Frost (working title: Frost) is a 1998 Christmas-themed movie, starring Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston, that was released in theaters on December 11, 1998, as part of Warner Bros.' year-long 75th Anniversary event.


Jack Frost is the lead singer in a rock band simply titled "The Jack Frost Band", based in the fictional town of Medford, Colorado, who make their living performing blues covers and an assortment of their own songs in the hope of signing a record deal. He returns to his 11-year-old son Charlie, who has just returned from a snowball fight against local bully Rory Buck. After they build a snowman in their front yard, Jack gives him his best harmonica, which he got the day Charlie was born, jokingly telling him that it's magical, and he will be able to hear it wherever he is. Jack promises his wife Gabby that he will attend his son's hockey game, but misses it in favor of recording a new hit song "Don't Lose Your Faith". To make up for it, Jack then promises to take his family on a Christmas trip to the mountains, but is then called in on a gig that could make or break his career. On his way to the gig, Jack realizes his mistake and borrows his best friend (and the band's keyboardist) Mac MacArthur's car to go to the mountains to meet his family. Unfortunately, Jack encounters a bad snowstorm that he is unable to navigate through due to the faulty windshield wipers and poor weather conditions. As a result, he swerves off the road, crashes the car, and is killed instantly (off-screen).

A year later, Charlie has fallen into depression over his father's death, to the point of withdrawing from all contact with his friends. One night, he makes another snowman that bears as much of a resemblance to Jack as he can remember and plays Jack's harmonica just before going to sleep. The harmonica turns out to be magical after all, as it revives Jack, transferring his spirit into the snowman. Jack attempts to greet Charlie, but instead, ends up terrifying him by mistake. The next day, Charlie discovers Jack in his yard and attempts to run away from him, leaving Jack feeling humiliated once more, but still determined to go after his son. When Charlie winds up in the snowball battlefield, Jack pelts Rory and the other children with snowballs and escapes with Charlie on a sled. After losing them, Charlie realizes that the snowman is his father after Jack uses his nickname "Charlie boy". Jack reconnects with Charlie and teaches him the values that he never got to teach him. After some hockey lessons, Jack convinces Charlie to rejoin the team instead of continuing to grieve over his death, becoming their best player. In the meantime, Mac continues to be a friend of the family, while also becoming a father figure to Charlie at Gabby's suggestion.

As winter approaches its end, Jack begins melting and struggles to get to Charlie's hockey game. Afterwards, Charlie decides to take Jack to the mountains where it is colder, but has a difficult time convincing Gabby to do so. Charlie comes across Rory, who also insults the snowman by asking which is more stupid. After Jack speaks in front of Rory by correcting his last sentence, Rory then sympathizes with Charlie not having a father and helps him sneak Jack onto a truck en route to the mountains. Jack and Charlie arrive at the isolated cabin that the family was going to stay at for Christmas before Jack's death. Jack calls Gabby, nonchalantly asking her to come to the cabin to pick up Charlie; Gabby is shocked, but recognizes his voice and obliges. Jack tells a disheartened Charlie that he has to leave. When Gabby arrives, the snowman shell dissipates, revealing Jack in an ethereal form. Jack tells Charlie he will be with him wherever he goes and, after saying farewell and giving his love to both his wife and son, returns to the afterlife.

In the closing moments of the film, Charlie plays hockey with his group of friends (which now includes Rory), while Gabby happily watches and Mac plays music on the piano. The final street scene shows that all the front lawns have snowmen on them.



Title(s) Performed by
"Frosty the Snowman"
"Don't Lose Your Faith"
The Jack Frost Band
featuring Michael Keaton
"Roll with the Changes" REO Speedwagon
"Merry Christmas Baby"
"Gimme Some Lovin'"
"Good Lovin'"
"Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye"
"Rock and Roll (Part 2)" Gary Glitter
"Can't Let Go" Lucinda Williams
"Leavin' Again" Steve Poltz
"Couldn't Stand the Weather" Stevie Ray Vaughn
"Landslide" Fleetwood Mac
"Free Ride" Edgar Winter Group
"Hey Now Now" Swirl 360
"Final Fire" from Backdraft (1991) Hans Zimmer (composer)
"Jingle Bell Rock" Michael Sherwood's Tangletown
"Hot in the City" Billy Idol
"Sleigh Ride" Spice Girls
"Slow Ride" Foghat
"Five Candles (You Were There)" Jars of Clay
"How" Lisa Loeb
"Father's Love" Bob Carlisle

Home video releases[]


Actor/actress Character(s)
Michael Keaton Jack Frost
Kelly Preston Gabby Frost
Joseph Cross Charlie Frost
Mark Addy Mac MacArthur
Andy Lawrence Tuck Gronic
Eli Marienthal Spencer
Will Rothhaar Dennis
Mika Boorem* Natalie
Benjamin Brock Alexander
Taylor Handley Rory Buck
Joe Rokicki Mitch
Cameron Ferre Pudge
Ahmet Zappa Snowplow driver
Paul F. Tompkins Audience member
Henry Rollins Sid Gronic
Dweezil Zappa John Kaplan
Steve Giannelli Referee
Jay Johnston TV weatherman
Jeff Cesario (voice) Radio announcer
Scott Thomson Dennis' dad
Googy Gress Spencer's dad
Scott Kraft Natalie's dad
Jimmy Michaels Devil's goalie
Ajai Sanders Interviewer
John Ennis Truck driver
Wayne Federman Policeman Dave
Pat Brown Scorekeeper
Mr. Chips (Dog) Chester
The Jack Frost Band
Trevor Rabin (composer) Lead guitar
Lili Haydn Violin
Louis Molino III Drummer
Scott Colomby Bass
Golden Henning
Nakia Hurried
Bank customers
Mike Butters Devil's coach
Carmi Greene Patron
Rich Knight Clubgoer
Jazzie Mahannah Featured
Rusty Nelson
Moon Unit Zappa
Jennifer Robertson Brooke

* - Nominated for the 1999 YoungStar Award for Best Actress


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