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Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman is the sequel to the horredy film Jack Frost. It was release straight-to-video on November 21, 2000. Like the previous film, it is set in December in the days leading to Christmas, but it is not really Christmas-themed.


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Sheriff Sam Tiler, his wife, Anne, and his two deputies (also husband and wife) decide to go on a Caribbean vacation to take their minds off the traumatic events of the previous Christmas, in a place with absolutely no snow. Their holiday will be short-lived, however, as the thawed murderer gets inadvertently refrozen and brought back to life. As if that wasn't bad enough, he now has the ability to remain frozen even in tropical temperatures, and he's headed south to settle some old scores.


Actor/actress Character
Christopher Allport Sam Tiler
Eileen Seeley Anne Tiler
Chip Heller Joe
Marsha Clark Marla
Scott MacDonald (voice) Jack Frost
Ray Cooney Colonel Hickering
David Allen Brooks Agent Manners
Sean Patrick Murphy Captain Fun
Tai Bennett Bobby
Jennifer Lyons Rose
Shonda Farr Ashlea
Granger Green Paisley
Ian Ambercrombie Psychiatrist
Doug Jones Dave
Stefan C. Marchand Charlie
Melanie Good Sarah
Stephanie Shon Chao Cindy
Paul Hansen Kim Greg
Brian Gross Dean
Jason Hall Ben
Tony Masa Boat Captain
Richard Wong First Mate
Dani Lynn Cooney Secretary
Theresa Pink Scared Girl
Kerri V. Griffin Frozen Girl
Brett A. Boydstun Idiot
Kurt Bryant Angry Man
Vanessa Marshall Bloody Girl
Jack Dougherty One Armed Man

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