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Jay Jay: Merry Christmas, Tracy.
Tracy: You too, Jay Jay.

— Wishing themselves a merry Christmas.

"Jay Jay's Christmas Adventure" is the special two-part Christmas episode of the TLC hybrid series Jay Jay the Jet Plane, based on the original direct-to-video series and aired in the show's first season as two separate parts, each with a different plot.


Tracy and Herky tell Jay Jay about Santa

Tracy and Herky tell Jay Jay about Santa Claus.

It's Christmas in Tarrytown Airport and Jay Jay is trying to look for Brenda Blue so they can do his Christmas list. Since it's Snuffy's first Christmas in Tarrytown, he and Big Jake are going to Frosty Pines to find a perfect Christmas tree. They ask Jay Jay if he can go with them, but he has to find Brenda to tell her something really important. Just then, Herky and Tracy stop by to ask him about Santa Claus. All he knows was that he's kind of jolly and lives in the North Pole, and when he laughs, everyone says his belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly. They had to ask him about Santa because they've been hearing, talking, and getting Christmas presents about him, and never met him before. This year, they're going to find a way to meet him since he gives them the neat stuff. They get by making him stay for a while which Jay Jay agrees. Since it's getting late, they leave him by himself to find Brenda and he does so in her workshop. He asks her to work on his Christmas list again even though they did so for weeks and weeks because he wants to change things a bit.

Big Jake and Snuffy find the perfect tree

Big Jake and Snuffy find the perfect Christmas tree for Tarrytown Airport.

Meanwhile, Big Jake and Snuffy head to Frosty Pines to find a perfect Christmas tree. Snuffy is having trouble making up his mind trying to find a perfect one which drives Big Jake crazy.

Later, Brenda and Jay Jay are still working on his Christmas list, but he has trouble making up his mind as well. He starts to give up, but Brenda assigns him to go to the post office to pick up her surprise.

Back at Frosty Pines, Big Jake and Snuffy took hours finding a perfect Christmas tree until Snuffy does so.

Everyone celebrates Christmas in Tarrytown

Big Jake and the kids sing "O Christmas Tree".

After picking up Brenda's surprise at the post office, Jay Jay thinks about what it is as Herky and Tracy fly to him to tell him more about Santa. He rides on a big open sleigh that has eight different reindeer that help him drag the ground.

That night, all the planes get into the Christmas spirit as Brenda reveals her Christmas surprise. Sparkles magically fill the tree with lights and ornaments and Herky is assigned to put the star on the top. Jay Jay loves Brenda's surprise and Snuffy's Christmas tree so much that Big Jake and the kids sing "O Christmas Tree."

Jay Jay and friends are excited about the snowstorm

Jay Jay, Herky, Snuffy, and Tracy are all excited about the snowstorm.

Later, on Christmas Eve, the planes are having the best Christmas ever by excitedly waiting for Santa to come to Tarrytown. Just then, Herky comes by and reminds Jay Jay, Snuffy, and Tracy that a snowstorm was coming, making them more excited.

As the snowstorm hits, they suddenly get disappointed that Christmas is ruined and Snuffy is upset that Santa will never know how pretty his Christmas tree is. As Savannah hears about this, she gives the planes an idea to sing "Jingle Bells" which makes them feel a lot better even though the snowstorm doesn't stop. Meanwhile, Old Oscar and Brenda listen to Santa on her radio. He tells Oscar that his reindeer are sick, so he invites him and the kids to help.

Old Oscar and the kids meet Santa Claus

At the North Pole, Old Oscar and all of the kids Santa Claus.

True to his word, Santa arranges for the snowstorm to stop, and the planes take off for the North Pole which is an exciting adventure. They fly a long while until they get there. Oscar shows the kids away there since he and Santa are friends.


Jay Jay and Tracy singing "Santa's Little Helpers."

As they land in Santa's workshop, the planes meet him. He tells Jay Jay that he got his wish list and reminds him to turn it in early next time. He even praises Snuffy for the Christmas tree he picked out. As the planes fly off to deliver presents to the children, Jay Jay and Tracy sing a song about giving.

Back at Tarrytown Airport, Snuffy's tree is pretty again, and they get their presents delivered by their fire truck friend, Revvin' Evan, who needs help getting down from his blue hot air balloon (which was first introduced in "Evan Gets His Wings"). The kids manage to get him down and have the best Christmas ever.


Aside from its Theme Song (Performed by Parachute Express) and its original score by Craig Dobbin & Brain Mann

Production notes[]

  • A clip from the second part would later be featured as a flashback in the third season episode, "Snuffy's Seasons."


  • On Smile's standalone airings of the first part, most of Big Jake and Snuffy's tree-picking scene was omitted which results in Snuffy picking out the perfect tree instead.


Christmas in Tarrytown cover

The cover of the storybook adaptation for the first part.

Jay Jay's Christmas Adventure book cover

The cover of the storybook adaptation for the second part.

"Jay Jay's Christmas Adventure" was made available on the Christmas Adventures VHS from Nest Entertainment along with "Hero Herky". It was later released on the A Season to Share VHS and the Lessons for All Seasons DVD from Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment in 2002. Porchlight Home Entertainment also released both parts of the episode on the Jay Jay's Christmas Surprise DVD with "Snuffy's Snowman," "Jay Jay's Winter Parade," and "Snuffy's Seasons" on November 10, 2009.


Actress/actor Character(s)
Brian Cant (UK) Narrator
Vanessa Stacey (UK)

Eve Whittle (US)

Brenda Blue
Mary Kay Bergman Jay Jay
Revvin' Evan
Chuck Morgan Big Jake
Old Oscar
Narrator (US)
Gina Ribsi Tracy
Robert Von Flies Santa Claus


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